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Roma Fashion Show 2016
Roma Fashion Show 2016
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by Alessandra Rinaudo


A succession of dresses worn by models of different nationalities that interpret the style and elegance of Nicole Fashion Group. Charming clothes and sweet emotions culminated in the grand final where 20 models, wearing the same vaporous tulle dress in shades of pink and purple, shone the spotlight and sway to the music. The guests gave their homage to the creative director Alessandra Rinaudo, with a well-deserved standing ovation from vibrant applause and a magical shower of glittering confetti.



A successful fashion show that has seen the participation of celebreties like Gabriel Garko and Manuela Arcuri, lovers wedding, fashion blogger and best-known fashion magazines bride. All guests were entertained at the opening of the catwalk, from emotional performace dancers Martina Nadalini and Jose Perez, known to be professionals of the italian television broadcast of Amici.



Presented in Rome in a wonderful showroom all of the Group, Nicole “Dancing Princesses”, characterized by romantic transparencies,liberty embroideries and delicate nuances, to Colet, where bucolic floral create volume suits both modern and traditional, Jolies line that differs for its international style and the study of essential cuts, up to Romance that confirms a riot of tulle and embroidery, with rains and Swarovski crystals. Last but not least the elegant Alessandra Rinaudo collection, a set of unforgettable volumes calibrated color evanescent, precious laces, necklines sensual and precious silk fabric.

The designer says.. 

The Roma Fashion Show is the time when not only introduce new models, but also the atmosphere, the style, the new, a thousand details that combine to create the "mood" of the next season. An event that I prepare with the utmost care for one year from the moment we start thinking about the new collections. The parade takes shape little by little, until I find that "something" extra that allows me to express my message. I thought long and hard on the fact that we women are "thousand in one" souls constantly changing, how do we dance through life trying to be wives, lovers, mother, tireless workers. We chase our dream to life every day. My brides are women fairy, who will dance in dream dresses, and who will realize their "I female"; so I decided to wish my wives in this parade. And here placed on the stage in the final, colorful dresses in tulle as delicate and romantic ballerinas, protagonists of love song in the most beautiful works, crowns, for my brides princesses, but also modern touches, like the tattoo on the arm of precious stones to signify that my brides are women to discover and love because they are unique and special. All these details are created and realized with the collaboration of the best professionals, to give unforgettable emotions. What you remember in life are the most intense emotions: we can do is what we see but what we "feel".

Alessandra R.