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Nicole Fashion Show - Romeo + Juliet Rome Edition 2019 collections!
Nicole Fashion Show - Romeo + Juliet Rome Edition 2019 collections!
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by Alessandra Rinaudo

Red Carpet with Nina Zilli, Serena Autieri, Roerto Farnesi and more!

Love, dance, fashion, music and literature.

Suggestions meet art, beauty takes shape. Emotions and goose bumps: here it is the Nicole Fashion Show, the Romeo + Juliet Edition.

It took places few weeks ago the event of presentation of Nicole 2019 Bridal, Red Carpet and Evening Collections. Main protagonists were the Nicole and Alessandra Rinaudo collections, and a little homage to Colet dresses represented by the refined and beautiful gown wore by Juliet on the "Ama e cambia il mondo (Love and change the world)" music notes. 

The Red Carpet saw the participation of italian actors such as Giorgio Pasotti, Giulio Berruti, Roberto Farnesi and ex soccer player Nicola Legrottaglie. Among women, the stylish italian singer Nina Zilli and more wore the beautiful creations of Alessandra Rinaudo: italian actresses Serena Autieri, Valeria Solarino, Laura Torrisi, Anna Safroncik, Milena Miconi, Michelle Carpente, the olimpic sportswoman Margherita Granbassi, Gloria Guida, Matilde Brandi, Adriana Volpe, Nathalie Caldonazzo, Eleonora Albrecht, Alessia Fabiani, Manila Nazzaro, Giovanna Rei, Kiara Tomaselli and more!
The event, followed by a showroom dedicated to bueyers, hosted more than 1500 people among press, delaers, press, influencers!

We asked to Mrs Alessandra Rinaudo, our Creative Director, just few questions about it.

How was born the Romeo and juliet inspiration?

They idea come after have seen the musical. I realize to pay an homage to this eternal love story and associate the musical to my fashion show.

How was Fashion Show conceived?

A romantic incipit with a fresh and lively Juliet's image which I linked silky, fluid and soft lines dresses adorned by retro laces. The show went on following the couture identikit within the urban identity of brides. Second part of runway was characterized by transformable dresses, tops with bodies, skirts and outfits enriched by smartphone purses, thinking not only to a church ceremony but also to a civil, chic and citylife wedding.

Which was the main dress?

The hottest and topic moment was the ending one, filled by couture gowns and run by the presence of the influencer Paola Turani, the testimonial of the collection. I loved to pay homage to her femininity with a regal structured ivory cloack and a embroidered dress to enhance her silhouette. 

Which of stars did you love to wear the most?

Stars were all adorable, but I loved to wear Serena Autieri, Laura Torrisi, Anna Safroncik, and of course, the beautiful Nina Zilli.

For info and further details please write us to marketing@nicolespose.it
Nicole Staff