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Nicole Fashion Group together with CCM for african women's health
Nicole Fashion Group together with CCM for african women's health
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by Alessandra Rinaudo

Nicole Fashion Group will sustain the photographic contest CCM 2017 "Women's histories" for the maternal-childish health of mothers and children in Sub-Saharan Africa 

Every woman has the absolute right to receive cares and assistance in the most delicate moment of her life: the pregnancy and the maternity. We know however that not in all the parts of the world this protection is guaranteed and that in different African countries the cares are everything insufficient to cover the least level of health today.
To this intention, the Nicole Fashion Group has been collaborating for years with the Committee Medical Collaboration so that the smile of the African mothers can be resplendent on their face and on that of their children. Sticking to the project "women's Histories", title and theme of the edition 2017, the company will sustain a special photographic contest, which desires to represent the meaning of “being woman” without photographic, political and social distinctions. This project is part of the amplest campaign "Smiles of African mothers" launched by the CCM in 2011 to assure assistance to the women in pregnancy and to their children through the strengthening competences and abilities of the health workers (physicians, midwives, nurses).



Because a solidarity act is an act of happiness and love. Nicole Fashion Group is near to the heart of the African mothers.