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The Imperal Dress
The Imperal Dress
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by Alessandra Rinaudo

The imperial wedding dress is one of the most stylish and elegant .

It is characterized by a very high waist, just below the decolletè.

It’s the perfect style for the girl who doesn’t have a waistline, with the same circonference between breast and waist, and that wants to highlight her decolletè. 

An idea to accentuate the feminity is to shape the back of the dress with a soft fabric, playing with transparencies or relying on an interesting trail.


This type of dress is particullary beautiful if decorated adding draperies on the skirt or using the pleating technique, in order to make the figure slender.

If instead the intention is to highlight the decolletè the bodice needs to be enriched with the details, to focus the attention, and it’s a good occasion to dare with necklines and transparencies.

We can definetly say that this type of gown can help a lot of brides with different body kinds: the not so tall ones can look slender, the ones with a small decolletè can accentuate it, and the ones with pronounced hips or some curves that need to be covered can be feel confortable with a dress that glides armoniously over the body.