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What's your dress? Mermaid!
What's your dress? Mermaid!
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by Alessandra Rinaudo

Dear brides,

today let’s speak about a timeless classic: the mermaid dress. This extremely sexy style is perfect for “certain-sized girls”, not less than 1.64 m tall, and having a middle size, like 42-44, but even a 46. The important thing is to have the right proportions among breast, waist and hips.

This style is not intended for a girl with wide hips, because the line of the dress would mark the shape of the body, or even for very thin girls, because they wouldn’t fit in the dress.

Speaking from experience, the mermaid style is often fitting very well on girls that wouldn’t have expected it, maybe because they think to have a too generous Side B, and this is not always true.

Mermaid dress is perfect because it enhances you femininity with a modern attitude.


With love, 
Alessandra R.