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Colored Wedding Dresses
Colored Wedding Dresses
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by Alessandra Rinaudo

"Each woman dreams the white dress for her wedding day"... dear brides, how many times have you heard this sentence from your mum, or have you read it on some magazines, or have you heard the sentence from your neighbour by your hair stylist? This is partially true, because most of the future brides choose a traditional dress! Most of them.... Not all of them!

Coloured dress or not? This is the eternal cold war between old and new, between those who dare and those who don't dare, between those who want to stand out among the crowd and finally can do it!

The matter is another, dear friends... The dress must reflect your wishes, your personal inclination and your taste for style. A coloured dress can transmit femininity, class and elegance as well as a white or ivory dress!


Do not give up to any tonality: fire red, light blue, pearl grey, black, cacao, pink... In your wedding day you'll feel bride regardless of the colour of the dress.

Have a look to the dresses of our collection... we're betting that at the end you will be not so sure to choose an ivory dress...