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Nicole Lovely Curves, the most feminine of all Nicole’s collections!
Nicole Lovely Curves, the most feminine of all Nicole’s collections!

by Alessandra Rinaudo

Each Bridetobe dreams to be the most beautiful girl on her wedding day! 

Thanks to the creativity of our Art Director and Fashion Designer Alessandra Rinaudo, Nicole launches a line of dresses dedicated to the softer women’s bodies curves, girls that would love to wear the unmistakable style of Nicole on the most important day of her life! 

The collection is composed by creations that embrace shapes in a delicate way, enhancing the strengths without never exaggerate them. Elegance meets sensuality in chiffon dresses and in an “A” line models made of extra silky and sophisticated fabrics, mermaid gowns reach the sky with the extra refined Italian taste. Details reveal through elegance laces and precious embroideries with Swarovski crystals. Fabrics take shapes on your perfect bodies, they will enhance the waist, the décolleté with very sensual yet delicate heart necklines.

NICOLE LOVELY CURVES soon available in our exclusive Flagship Stores and in the best worldwide retailers. 

For more info write us to makerting@nicolespose.it

Nicole Staff